About NoUnderground

‘There is no underground, we make our own connections across space, invisible, complex and opportunistic with matter.’

NoUnderground is a group of female artists that met in South London at Camberwell College of Arts as students during the early noughties. Since then they have exhibited together at temporarycontemporary Gallery, London, Nolia’s Gallery, London and elsewhere as individual artists.

Even though they have individually traveled the world, moved cities, started families, got ‘real jobs’, allotments etc., they continue keeping in touch, meeting for real or virtual cups of tea, exchanging thoughts, creating work, discussing vegetables, crystal time warps, life and anything sculpture, performance, video and photography.

NoUnderground artists are; Anna J. Chapman, Azusa Chareteau, Lucy Kippin, Alessandra Lopes Caffarena, Carol Misch, Lara Ritosa Roberts, Emma Katherine Skeldon and Yuriko Usui.


For more information please contact us by email.